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About us

Our firm has been engaged in the pottery business since 2001. We are a manufacturer and exporter of original Boleslawiec pottery that draws on a hundred-year-old tradition. We offer complete (breakfast, dinner, coffee) tableware sets as well as individual articles for use at home and in the kitchen.

We employ a team of artists, whose hard work results in good product quality. Throwing and painting continues to be done manually according to old methods. The only changes concern the design style and colour range, which has affected the present appearance of our products. The variety of our designs ensures that every person who takes look at our offer is be able to find a beautiful product to suit his or her taste.

The pottery manufacturing process starts from throwing pots, followed by their drying and pre-firing at a temperature of 850 °C. The biscuit product obtained in this way is painted, then glazed and fired at a temperature of 1250 °C. The high temperature ensures that the products have high durability and can be used in ordinary and microwave ovens or dishwashers and still retain their beautiful colour and texture.