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1166 Vase U865


Quality 1


1166 Wazon Kręcony 2
- Vase
wysokość - 23,5 cm

Quality 1

Original Polish Pottery from Bolesławiec, hand-decorated using traditional methods - brushes and stamps.
Each item can be used in an oven, microwave, dishwasher, freezer. Remember not to expose the product to direct contact with open fire or sudden temperature changes.
Each product contains a decoration number, artist signature, factory stamp and a sticker confirming the authenticity of production in the city Bolesławiec. The patterns are underglaze, which means that they will not degrade with use.
Ceramics are free of cadmium and lead. The product is approved for contact with food.

Due to the manual production method, slight deviations in the shape of the vessel and the pattern between individual items within a given series are possible.
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